Freddy Frog’s Frolic


Full-Colour Edition
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Freddy Frog’s Frolic
La gambade de Freddy la grenouille
Just Imagine
Children’s Stories / Histoires pour enfants

Freddy Frog learns that there really is no place like home, no matter how big and juicy the flies and grasshoppers are beyond his little home pond.

Freddy la grenouille apprend qu’on n’est jamais aussi bien que chez soi; peu importe si les mouches et les sauterelles sont plus grosses et plus juteuses au-delà du petit étang de chez lui.

Freddy Frog’s Frolic is told in English and French. At the end of the story are questions and key words, and an area for children to write their own story.

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Illustrations by/Illustrations de Duncan Graham
Cover art by/ Art de couverture de Duncan Graham & Kate Pellerin
Translation by/Texte français de
Lisette Martineau, Translations Paris Traductions

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