Neil w Young – 3 CD offer!


Includes the following 3 CDs:

No Looking back
What Difference Will It Make
Old Memories

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No Looking Back
From tumbleweeds drifting down old Route 66, flashy 1950’s convertibles, rusted-out flatbed trucks and lonely railway tracks, it is hard not to picture Johnny Cash here. “Music the way country music should be – pure and honest and from the heart”.

Genre: Country: Americana
Release Date: 2007

1. The Restless Wind
2. Got Nothin’ To Lose
3. The Cowboy Song (Radio Mix)
4. All Through the Night
5. I Got My Ragtop Down
6. Ride<
7. There’s Just the One and Only You
8. You Just Turned My Life Around
9. No Looking Back
10. The Cowboy Song (Album Mix)
11. Hello, I’m Johnny Cash

What Difference Will It Make
A memorable mix of Country, Country Rock, Rockabilly, a little old time Rock ‘n Roll, a little Bluegrass and the deeply moving title track “What Difference Will It Make”.

Genre: Country: Alt-Country
Release Date: 2012

1. Shining White Eyes
2. Just Like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard
3. Why It All Turned Out This Way
4. The Eyes Tell You Everything
5. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
6. The Tunnel of Love and Bumper Cars
7. Rock and Roll Will Never Die
8. Is There No One?
9. For Old Times’ Sake
10. That’s What Christmas Means To Me
11. The Price of Freedom
12. What Difference Will It Make

Old Memories
Music coloured and shaped by the wonderfully free and inspiring times, experiences and memories of living and loving my teen years through the legendary 1950’s Country Rockabilly era and the dawning of Rock and Roll.

Genre: Country: Contemporary Country
Release Date: 2016

1. Hot Rod Star
2. Taking Me Higher
3. California Sunrise
4. Fire on the Water
5. Light Year Life
6. We Will Rise Again
7. Everyone Has a Dream
8. Blue Lavender Lights
9. On the Other Side
10. Old Memories
11. Loch Lomond

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