What About Dylan?


Book #2 in the “What About?” seres

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THREE YEARS AFTER What About Hailey?…

Dylan Williams-Marcotte is now 9 years old. With his dad busy with his writing and his mom working at the hospital, and both with their hands full looking after Dylan’s new little brother, 3-year-old Lucas, Dylan feels like he’s invisible—even 14-year-old Hailey doesn’t have time for him anymore!

When vandalism closes the park and his parents whisper about neighbours’ houses being broken into, Dylan thinks he’s found the perfect way to get his family to notice him again AND realize he’s not the little 6-year-old he used to be. With the help of his best friend Ethan, Dylan is determined to uncover who the criminals are and bring them to justice. But no matter what Dylan does, his family doesn’t seem to notice. He knows they’re busy, but what about Dylan?

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